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#31 2017-08-03 23:39:41
Can we have the same sort of system with identifying threads you haven't read yet? Maybe we could just have dots this time though to make it easier. Color dots.
#32 2017-08-05 12:03:36
What do you mean by dots. Like to the left of each thread or something?
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#33 2017-08-05 12:56:06
Reyn said:
Ah, another issue

I can't access the second page of my wall in blog form on mobile. Not sure about forum style. Will investigate.

Update: after thorough spamming investigation, yeah i cant access page 2 on forum mode either. maybe its just my phone...?

Update update: same problem on chrome on my pc as well, both forum and blog mode wont let me access past 1st page on my wall
Edited by Reyn on 2017-08-05 12:56:33
#34 2017-08-07 02:58:39
Yeah, a colored circle on the left hand side of the thread's title or something that changes color when you have read new posts of a thread.
#35 2017-09-01 20:58:21
The wall paging should be working now
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#36 2017-09-01 21:25:05
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#37 2017-09-04 20:16:26
Spoilers don't seem to be working anymore.

Edit: They work on desktop, just not on mobile.
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#38 2017-09-04 22:44:57
Spoiler:whats going on here
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#39 2017-09-04 22:47:18
I found the issue, the stylesheet got messed up somehow :-/

Should work now after a hard reload
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#40 2017-09-04 23:32:52
It works! Thanks, B~
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