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RE:Discussions Legacy App

2018-09-03 20:59:36

Discussions Legacy App

2018-08-09 22:05:39
Here is a test post from the updated Discussions Legacy Android app.


2017-09-12 16:28:06
@Trandafir try logging out and back in again


2017-09-09 19:57:03
this is a test


2017-09-07 19:37:49
Annasiel said:test
Let me know if you get an email from this

RE:Suggestions? - Page 4

2017-09-04 22:47:18
I found the issue, the stylesheet got messed up somehow :-/

Should work now after a hard reload

RE:Suggestions? - Page 4

2017-09-04 22:44:57
Spoiler:whats going on here

RE:Suggestions? - Page 4

2017-09-01 20:58:21
The wall paging should be working now

RE:Suggestions? - Page 4

2017-08-05 12:03:36
What do you mean by dots. Like to the left of each thread or something?


2017-07-30 21:32:09

RE:Hogwarts Test

2017-07-28 22:00:47
what if the picture is inside of the collapse tag

Holly Price

Age: 15
Gender: Female
House: Hufflepuff
Blood status: Pure-blood

Personality: Holly is a nice girl, but you have to go out of your way to actually speaks with her, as she isn't all that outgoing towards those she doesn't know. In all honesty, she only makes an effort to speak with her Quidditch teammates, and that's only because you can't have a good team without proper communication. Once you do begin a conversation with her, however, it is almost impossible to stop her incessant chattering about anything that catches her eye. The strangest bit about her would be her utter disregard for magic, despite being a Pure-blooded witch. She would rather spend all of her time playing Quidditch, and finds magic boring and something rather boring amongst the Wizarding World.

Short bio: Holly's life pre-Hogwarts was something of an abnormality. Her parents, while pure-blooded, were of lower class, thus making life very hard. Things were made worse with the birth of Holly, putting an even greater stress on the family. As a solution, they resorted to thievery of wealthier wizards. Sadly, this was an ill fated endeavor, as they were soon caught using the Imperius curse to force them to give them the money they needed. Quickly, they were sent to Azkaban. Luckily, Holly was old enough to be sent to Hogwarts, and she was also fortunate enough that there was enough money left over in her parents bank account to support her schooling. However, due to the imprisoning of her parents due to their use of magic, Holly was now against ever using her natural born talent, and though she still did, it was a rare thing. Her grades in all magic-related classes were just enough to pass, so that she may stay at the school and participate in the sport her father loved, Quidditch.

Electives: Divination and Muggle Studies
Quidditch: Chaser
Pet: Tawny Owl


2017-07-28 21:55:56
enough with your wide posts!!

RE:Suggestions? - Page 3

2017-07-28 21:31:26
@Reyn should be better now

RE:Suggestions? - Page 2

2017-07-28 18:22:00
Coming at you with a fun tag, popup

[popup=click on me!]the fun will never end with the popup tag[/popup]

RE:Blog Style Wall - Page 2

2017-07-28 18:19:57

RE:Blog Style Wall - Page 2

2017-07-28 18:19:40

RE:The worst topic ever.

2017-07-28 18:12:17
@Annasiel i cant believe you would desecrate this thread with the worst topic ever.

RE:Hogwarts Test

2017-07-28 18:09:47
@Trandafir i think the problem with the collapse tag is your phone probably has an older version of the javascript file cached. Sometimes its harder to get phones to download new scripts. Try doing a few refreshes. I still don't know why your login isnt working though :-/

RE:The Lamest Wall

2017-07-28 18:03:03
Yes, if they are using default wall, you will see your own colors.

RE:Trandy's tests

2017-07-28 18:01:09
I've also thought of a fix for your other image placement situation using transbox and alignment. See this:

[transbox=200 align=right][img=/uploads/pictures/454.jpg]/viewpage.php?p=454[/img][/transbox]

RE:Trandy's tests - Page 2

2017-07-28 17:54:24
just for you @Trandafir


RE:Blog Style Wall - Page 2

2017-07-28 17:53:50

RE:Blog Style Wall

2017-07-28 17:53:41
how about this:

RE:Suggestions? - Page 2

2017-07-28 17:47:22
now for the noparse tag.

use it to [b]demonstrate bb code[/b] without having it be sent through the [i]bbcode parser[/i]

see how handy that is?

[b]you can put it inside other tags too[/b]

RE:Blog Style Wall

2017-07-28 16:57:00
noparse test wow boom

this section should not be parsed [b] no bolds [/b] sadfasd [i]im so cool[/i]


now it should parse again


2017-07-28 16:38:02
Image sizing techniques using Boxes

boxes also have a width setting. it would be like box=200 would give it a width of 200px;

here is a sized box

Using this with a nested image, you can set the size of the image:

mix tags to center the picture or add a caption

You can also use the transbox tag to make a box that identifies as being transparent. Boxes and Transboxes are blocking elements, unless they have a size specified. At that point they become inline elements.

you can put the whole thing in a center tag to center the sized image

RE:Suggestions? - Page 2

2017-07-28 16:04:12
here is a new tag, box

you can tidy things up inside of a neat little box.

RE:Suggestions? - Page 2

2017-07-28 15:55:37
and what would proper bb code be like without the sub and sup tags?

it would be hell on earth, which is not good!


2017-07-28 15:50:22
you can already do them. see the bbcode reference page for info:

RE:Suggestions? - Page 2

2017-07-28 15:47:57
you can use the hr tag to add a horizontal line. There is no closing tag for hr.