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RE:You're never alone!

2019-10-13 15:46:46

RE:code testing

2019-10-03 16:11:09
a test with no end in sight!

code testing

2019-10-03 13:54:20
  • one
  • two


2019-05-31 14:49:02
wait wait wait, try again


2019-05-31 14:48:37
this did not seemt o work?

RE:redirect issue

2019-05-31 13:37:57
More redirect tests

RE:redirect issue

2019-05-25 12:08:45
a great test

Legacy App Improvements

2019-02-06 21:44:39
In an effort to get the ball moving a bit on my new forum software rewrite (which is now 2 years in the making), I have released another update to the "legacy" wrapper app for Discussions that further expands on the integration between the site and the app.

With this release, the on-page toolbar has been moved into the Android title bar, the on-page Quick Reply box has been replaced with a native quick reply box, and the on-page Pagination controls have been replaced with the familiar pagination controls from the old tapatalk based Discussions/RPF apps. The native Quick Reply and Pagination controls should adopt the custom theme colors that the user has set on the site.

The next step (when I get around to it) will be to move the post inline tools (like Edit Post, Delete Post, Hide Post, Quote Post) into a native popup menu that appears when long-pressing on a post, in the same manner that the old tapatalk based Discussions/RPF apps worked. The mail/private messaging interfaces while in the legacy wrapper also need quite a bit of work.

The ultimate goal here is a complete and fully functional/usable hybrid where all of the user controls and functions are handled in a native way, but all of the rendering is done in the WebView, which will give the app the full range of BB Code support that the website has, since a lot of what the site offers is not easy to reproduce using native platform widgets.

Speaking of BB Code, a lot has been added recently, so be sure to check out the reference to see what has changed:

RE:redirect issue

2019-02-06 21:35:17

redirect issue

2019-01-18 15:40:25
perhaps the redirect was causing the issue
now test this...


2019-01-18 15:38:54
Sometimes another test is needed.

That is all.


2019-01-15 16:48:29 that is all i know

RE:Discussions Legacy App

2018-09-03 20:59:36

Discussions Legacy App

2018-08-09 22:05:39
Here is a test post from the updated Discussions Legacy Android app.


2017-09-12 16:28:06
@Trandafir try logging out and back in again


2017-09-09 19:57:03
this is a test


2017-09-07 19:37:49
Annasiel said:test
Let me know if you get an email from this

RE:Suggestions? - Page 4

2017-09-04 22:47:18
I found the issue, the stylesheet got messed up somehow :-/

Should work now after a hard reload

RE:Suggestions? - Page 4

2017-09-04 22:44:57
Spoiler:whats going on here

RE:Suggestions? - Page 4

2017-09-01 20:58:21
The wall paging should be working now


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