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New CS Template to make my life easier when it comes to editing to the CS Page

Character's Name

Age: (15 for main characters)
House: (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin)
Blood status: (Muggle-born, Half-blood or Pure-blood)


Short bio:

Electives: (2 Minimum)
Quidditch: (Yes or no, and position on the team)
Pet: (Optional)
Extra (Optional)

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[...]I won't lie. Most of it is teenage drama. SO let's jump to the real stuff. Quirrell, our adorable muggle studies' professor who wears a turbant (but that's completely ok now) set up a muggle fairy tale's themed ball, in a way to promote respect towards muggles and all that stuff. However things got a bit odd a few days before that. A girl was found dead in the library, transfigurated into a book, and Snape was temporarily fired because everyone accused him due to the rumors that he was a death eater, despite having Dumbledore's trust. In his place Wanda Mary Vane showed up, a substitute for a potions professor. During the night at the ball students went out to see the fireworks, when they got back there was a muggleborn student (Jackie Sinclair) hanging from the ceiling, with bloody cuts all over her body.

Now back in time to explain how that happened. Back when Voldemort was defeated a woman and blind follower named Eleanor (Annasiel's character) murdered her own daughter and took her identity to escape Azkaban. She used facial transfiguration to look like her, and when her former roomate Ellsie found her doing her magic, she murdered her and turned her into a book, knowing that it'd take some time for her body to be found. At the night of the ball she used an Imperius curse on a Slytherin pure blood student (Anima Gaunt), that lured Jackie into a trap and tried to murder her by stabbing her multiple times. Which failed, because she was taken to the infirmary and Pomfrey was able to heal her before she bled out to death.

That night, every student and professor spent the night at the great hall in search for the guilty. Anima, after the Imperius had ran out met Dumbledore, who invited her for tea. A Gryffindor student (Chase Grayson) was convinced that Anima had been behind this. He saw her leave the great hall, and knowing that Jackie was still alive and at the infirmary he convinced his friends to go after her to protect the girl and get Gaunt. On their way there they met a Hufflepuff (Flora Merelle) who was high on Felix Felicis and convinced the entire group that they should go to Dumbledore's office.

Getting to Dumbledore's office, Eleanor had already stupefied Anima and planned on killing Dumbledore, to give away his head as a gift when the dark lord returned. They all fought and eventually Dumbledore was able to retrieve his wand and send Eleanor to Azkaban. Snape returned to the school and Wanda is now a counsillor, that is there to guide students who have dealt with traumatic experiences such as Jackie and Anima. She's awful at her job. This was until saturday, we're starting wednesday of the following week.

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Charles "Charlie" Queen

Age: 14 (4th year)
Gender: Male
House: Slytherin
Blood status: Half-Blood

Personality: Charlie has always been severely introverted, only speaking when spoken to. He finds it very difficult to voice and explain his opinions, feelings, and emotions. The boy keeps his feelings bottled in until he explodes.

Despite being a Half-Blood, Charlie was sorted into the Slytherin house by some miracle. He thinks it's because he doesn't fit into the other houses. He certainly isn't selfless and kind, brave and bold, nor intelligent and resourceful.

He is cunning however, and has been holding in a lot of anger towards the dear professor Snape. Being a half-blood, he despises the way others are treated by those who are 'superior'.

Charlie has suffered through a lot of bullying. The other houses hate him because he's Slytherin, while Slytherin hates him for being a half-blood. With all the hate directed to him, Charlie has grown to hate others.

Electives: Muggle studies and CoMC
Quidditch: N/A
Pet: An owl named George. He hardly ever sees or takes care of him though.
Extra:Charlie is small in stature, standing at 5'7 and appearing to be frail and lanky.

Dawn Morte

Spera Gaunt

Age: 13 (4th year)
Gender: Female
House: Slytherin
Blood status: Pure-blood

Personality: Intelligent, calm and quiet. Spera prefers to study in the library than chat to her housemates. She is ahead of her year group education wise, but lacks the social skills that many students pick up.

Short bio: Spera has spent her whole life living in her family's shadow, watching from a distance as they all followed the dark Lord. At the mention of their great leader, the Gaunt family's eyes all filled with respect. Spera's filled with sadness. She didn't understand why they were following a man who had killed so many innocent people. Over the years she had voiced these concerns to her sister, their relationship falling apart with every word. She was too late to save her sister, and Spera would not let that fate happen to her.

Tyler Duvall

Age: 17
Gender: Male
House: Slytherin
Blood status: Pure-blood

Personality: Tyler is charismatic and a smooth talker. He has quite a good reputation among the pure bloods, especially in Slytherin and is often in a good humor, joking around with some of his many friends around the castle. He thinks very highly of himself and is always willing to do whatever is needed to fulfill his wishes. Selfish, undoubtedly narcissistic and very observative.

Extra: Slytherin’s head prefect, part of the group in charge of the seventh years graduation.

Vanessa Devangelo

Age: 17
Gender: Female
House: Gryffindor
Blood status: Pure-blood

Personality: Vanessa is your typical Gryffindor girl. She's brave, a little reckless, and a natural leader. However, she has a pure-blood twist. Though she doesn't think that she's better than everyone, she believes that only pure-bloods should be together to keep the bloodline going. The Gryffindor is somewhat serious, and doesn't laugh at jokes or take things jokingly almost ever. People see that as hating everyone, but in reality, she likes a lot of people. She just barely smiles.

Extra: She's Italian, and has an accent. She's also Gryffindor's head prefect, part of the group in charge of meetings and graduations.

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Morgana Selwyn

Age: 37
Gender: Female
House: Slytherin
Blood status: Pure-blood

Personality: Formal in every aspect of her life, Morgana is an example of how a proper lady should act. Her cold exterior that almost never smiles hides a fiery personality, that was inherited by her daughter despite her denials. She is a woman not to be messed with, extremely intelligent and intimidating when needed. To survive for a couple of months in Azkaban without losing sanity is necessary to have a huge amount of mental strength. Some of it was lost, but she still remains in control most of the time.

Short bio: Once Morgana Greengrass, before marrying her current husband Vincent Selwyn, Morgana was just like any other pure blood of a wealthy lineage. She was taught how to become a proper house wife, lessons she’d been teaching her single daughter ever since a very young age. Morgana doesn’t work and never joined the death eater meetings, unlike the Daily Prophet announces. The family business is taken care of by her husband out of commodity, even though her beliefs are very similar to his.

Thomas Morte

Age: 43
Gender: Male
House: Slytherin
Blood status: Pure-blood

Personality: Thomas is a genius and an artist. Very reserved but not at all shy, he’s a man of few words that hardly ever demonstrates any deep emotion, especially towards his children. Those who know him will be able to tell when he’s being caring, which is hard to tell through his distant facade.

Short bio: Thomas Morte wed young to an arranged married, as most purebloods often did in Europe. He didn’t dislike his wife, however a few years after their first son was born they grew distant from each other, and that’s when he met her.

Thomas fell in love with a muggle woman and she fell in love with him. They kept the affair in secret for years until his wife found out, around the same time when she discovered to be pregnant with twins. Mrs. Morte gave him an ultimatum; never see that woman again or never be able to see his children. Mr. Morte chose to let go of his love, living a semi decent life with his family, that later consisted of his first born, the twins Dirk and Adriana and the new baby on their way.

Soon after Dawn was born, Thomas found hidden within his wife’s belongings a letter written from his past lover; a letter that got intercepted and that he didn’t know the existence of up until that point. Enraged, Thomas left his wife and took his children with him to Paris, where he’d start his movie directing career, living mostly among french muggles.

He searched for that muggle woman but never saw her again. And now, in 1982, he began dating Hogwarts’ councillor Wanda Mary Vane and was invited to direct a school play, Midsummer’s Night Dream.

Wanda Mary Vane

Age: A secret shhh
Gender: Female
House: Gryffindor
Blood status: Half Blood

Personality: Wanda is cheerful, flirty, and fun. It’s a very rare thing to see her in a bad mood, and despite being awful at her job, she loves doing it. Touch is something she lacks, which may cause some adversities when dealing with very sensitive people. She’s always trying her best however, whether it is to please a date (she’s constantly dating or hunting for one) or to brighten up the life of the Hogwarts’ students.

Adulthood is where dreams go to die.