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Name: Felicity Brianna of Riverhill
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Abilities/Limitations: She knows how to read, write, play violin, piano, sing and dance. Has poor drawing skills and ordinary human limitations.


Felicity is everything you’d hope a princess to be. Kind, well mannered, studied and pure. Being surrounded by walls and servants all of her life, Felicity is not used to hearing the word 'no' and doesn’t know much other than the things her professors taught her and the tales the maidens fed her during her childhood. Stories about heroes, beautiful princesses, fairies and dragons always enchanted the girl, and even though she didn’t think she’d ever step away from her privileged life, she secretly dreams of living an adventure like the ones in the books.

Being a hopeless romantic, Felicity expects to meet her prince someday and fall in love at a first sight. She’d never been courted before, as her princess’ status scared all of the men in the court away, and just now she had reached the proper age to marry. Getting to know suitors for the throne has proven to be way less romantic and more bureaucratic than she’d ever expected.


Queen Brianna, Felicity’s mother, died in childbirth, after a complicated pregnancy. The king, being too caught up in the current war that lasted a few more years after that, couldn’t bring himself to find a new spouse that could give him a new heir.

Felicity spent her early childhood without many memories of her father, and while the kingdom was at war, she was being spoiled and pampered by the many maids that had loved the queen before her. The little girl heard stories about her mother’s beauty and her father’s bravery, but without much contact with the king, she didn’t get to know much other than what his servants told her. At the age of 7, Felicity finally got to meet the king, that despite being disappointed by his child’s gender, could see his beloved wife in her. It was always odd to meet the king, that would cry most of the time he met with his daughter, that brought memories of his deceased wife.

Felicity didn’t know that, but her kingdom was going through a severe crisis. She was told stories of how her parents had married out of love, and dreamed of one day meeting a man that’d love her like her father loved her mother. The problem was that, the king had gotten old and the princesses of the other realms were given to younger, more powerful princes. Needing a political marriage that could possibly save the kingdom, the king couldn’t find a suitor willing to have him and a land that was filled with poverty outside of the castle’s walls. That’s why, at the age of 16, Felicity started to meet suitors. Young ambitious men who wanted to take over the kingdom, either because they didn’t have much other than a title, or wanted to expand their territory.

Needless to say, Felicity wasn’t happy with her current situation. She arranged her trusted guard and sent them after someone that could help her find her true love. Her loving father had given her an opportunity to meet her suitors until her 18th birthday, but it was agreed that if she couldn’t find someone she fancied until then, the king would make that choice for her.


Stands at 5'2, Brown hair and eyes with a small, rounded nose and a slim build. Her hair is long (as in the anime reference) and something she's quite proud of.

Extra: This shit looks cool as fuck

Adulthood is where dreams go to die.
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Adulthood is where dreams go to die.
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Adulthood is where dreams go to die.
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