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MAX 300
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MAX 300
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The game was released as an online update, one of the first BEMANI titles to do so.
Data carrying over from SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH consists of: player name (changeable), scores, clear marks, unlocked songs and play count of songs.
There are now hold notes on short buttons (LONG BT) and non-hold notes on long buttons (CHIP FX).
FX hold notes are now orange instead of dark green.
The song select screen was redesigned to go from a song wheel to a grid of jackets.
The INFINITE difficulty is introduced, similar to DanceDanceRevolution's CHALLENGE difficulty in nature. INFINITE charts have a rainbow hue.
PERFECT ULTIMATE CHAIN (getting 100% CRITICALs) has been renamed "PERFECT".
Similar to its beatmania IIDX counterpart, the "green number" (BPM x HI-SPEED value) feature has been added.
Failing songs with charts that have a difficulty rating of 7 or lower will not end your game session prematurely.
Charts rated Level 16 have been introduced.
Songs are divided into eight categories:
ALL (unsorted).
BEMANI (all remixed and original BEMANI songs).
ボーカロイド™ (all VOCALOID songs).
FLOOR (original FLOOR contest songs).
SDVXオリジナル (original SOUND VOLTEX songs).
東方アレンジ (Touhou Project licenses and remixes).
There is now a wider variety of effector types: Low-PassFilter, High-PassFilter, BitCLASHER, SideChain, ShortDelay, TapeScratch and WoBBLE.
A new effector type, MashUp, was added to the game on July 31st, 2014 (on KHAMEN BREAK's INFINITE chart).
SOUND VOLTEX II features a class ranking mode named SKILL ANALYZER, which became available on July 3rd, 2013. It consists of ten courses, named SKILL LEVELS, with 3 songs each.
Songs for each course are chosen by players throughout the voting system on the game website. The amount of votes determines on which stage the song will end up in the course.
SKILL ANALYZER votings are generally done near the end of each month. If a song has appeared two times in a course, it won't be selectable in the next voting.
SKILL ANALYZER courses in the game work exactly like their DAN counterparts from beatmania IIDX. Once your PERMISSIVE RATE gauge touches zero, you lose. Only CRITICALs can increase said gauge.
Completing SKILL LEVEL courses affects the player's rank. It only affects the maximum selectable level on LIGHT PLAY.
Since October 4th, 2013, SKILL LEVEL rank titles and colors can be customized.
From October 31st, 2013, previous SKILL ANALYZER courses can be played again. These won't affect the player's SKILL LEVEL, however.
On July 25th, 2014, courses for SKILL LEVELS 11 and ∞ (infinite) were added.
To unlock the SKILL LEVEL 11 course, you must earn gold wings on SKILL LEVEL 10 (by passing all thirteen SKILL LEVEL 10 courses) and have unlocked all the charts in the course.
To unlock the SKILL LEVEL ∞ course, you must clear SKILL LEVEL 11 and have unlocked all the (Level 16) charts in the course.
The RANK system has been removed.
ADVANCED and EXHAUST charts are bought at once in the SDVX Station.
Since August 8th, 2013, it is possible to buy ADVANCED charts separately.
Clear Rate for songs introduced, with decimals. It is possible to sort songs by their Clear Rate.
Hi-SPEED can now be increased to 6.0.
Original BEMANI songs can now appear in the game, without being remixed.
Features two new events: FLOOR INFECTION and POLICY BREAK.
The INFINITE BLASTER mode, introduced on March 20th, 2014, adds a special, HARD-type gauge called EXCESSIVE RATE. It is used to unlock new INFINITE charts through INFINITE BLASTER.
On May 1st, 2014, PASELI-only game modes were added to Japanese machines. As such, there are now 3 standard games modes:
STANDARD START is the normal, standard game mode, but players can be SAVED from one TRACK CRASH, such that they are guaranteed at least 2 songs, up to 3. The BLASTIVE RATE also increases faster. (Requires PASELI)
BLASTER START allows players to play 2 BARRIER TRACKs (regardless of BLASTER ENERGY level) that goes towards unlocking the INFINITE BLASTER charts. (Requires PASELI)
LIGHT START limits the maximum difficulty levels of the first 2 songs (of up to 3) depending on your SKILL ANALYZER level.
The new PASELI game modes were also added to Asian and Korean machines on June 26th, 2014, and do not require PASELI.
eAMUSEMENT support for SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- ended on March 31st, 2015.
New songs: 317
Total songs: 483
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MAX 300

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