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Hogwarts Test - Page 3

#21 2017-08-04 11:42:30
New CS Template to make my life easier when it comes to editing to the CS Page

Character's Name

Age: (15 for main characters)
House: (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin)
Blood status: (Muggle-born, Half-blood or Pure-blood)


Short bio:

Electives: (2 Minimum)
Quidditch: (Yes or no, and position on the team)
Pet: (Optional)
Extra (Optional)

Adulthood is where dreams go to die.
#22 2017-08-17 22:25:15

[...]I won't lie. Most of it is teenage drama. SO let's jump to the real stuff. Quirrell, our adorable muggle studies' professor who wears a turbant (but that's completely ok now) set up a muggle fairy tale's themed ball, in a way to promote respect towards muggles and all that stuff. However things got a bit odd a few days before that. A girl was found dead in the library, transfigurated into a book, and Snape was temporarily fired because everyone accused him due to the rumors that he was a death eater, despite having Dumbledore's trust. In his place Wanda Mary Vane showed up, a substitute for a potions professor. During the night at the ball students went out to see the fireworks, when they got back there was a muggleborn student (Jackie Sinclair) hanging from the ceiling, with bloody cuts all over her body.

Now back in time to explain how that happened. Back when Voldemort was defeated a woman and blind follower named Eleanor (Annasiel's character) murdered her own daughter and took her identity to escape Azkaban. She used facial transfiguration to look like her, and when her former roomate Ellsie found her doing her magic, she murdered her and turned her into a book, knowing that it'd take some time for her body to be found. At the night of the ball she used an Imperius curse on a Slytherin pure blood student (Anima Gaunt), that lured Jackie into a trap and tried to murder her by stabbing her multiple times. Which failed, because she was taken to the infirmary and Pomfrey was able to heal her before she bled out to death.

That night, every student and professor spent the night at the great hall in search for the guilty. Anima, after the Imperius had ran out met Dumbledore, who invited her for tea. A Gryffindor student (Chase Grayson) was convinced that Anima had been behind this. He saw her leave the great hall, and knowing that Jackie was still alive and at the infirmary he convinced his friends to go after her to protect the girl and get Gaunt. On their way there they met a Hufflepuff (Flora Merelle) who was high on Felix Felicis and convinced the entire group that they should go to Dumbledore's office.

Getting to Dumbledore's office, Eleanor had already stupefied Anima and planned on killing Dumbledore, to give away his head as a gift when the dark lord returned. They all fought and eventually Dumbledore was able to retrieve his wand and send Eleanor to Azkaban. Snape returned to the school and Wanda is now a counsillor, that is there to guide students who have dealt with traumatic experiences such as Jackie and Anima. She's awful at her job. This was until saturday, we're starting wednesday of the following week.

Adulthood is where dreams go to die.